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GooningA new term that is floating around these days is ‘gooning’. Urban dictionary refers to it as that state usually achieved after a prolonged edging session, when a man becomes completely hypnotized by the beautiful sight of his own erection, so that he no longer really needs other stimulation such as pornographic words and imagery. He’s turned on by witnessing his own sexual arousal — that is, he’s turned on by the fact of his turned-on-ness — and by simply gazing at his own hard, throbbing, precum-leaking, magnificent cock.

bicaps-tumblr-goonWhile this definition explains a portion of the Gooning movement, it doesn’t paint the whole picture. A good deal of it has to do with guys exploring their bi-curious side. To properly Goon, one needs to share their porn addiction with other men. The concept of sucking cock gets everyone all hot and bothered, so why not help each other stroke? Makes sense to me. Whatever happens after that is up to you.

A prolific Tumblr blogger has done a lot for the Goon / Sissy scene. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, needs to visit www.Bi-Caps.com. He has done some outstanding work to get everyone all riled up, edging, and salivating at the sight of hard cock. His work has only just begun so I will flesh out a better profile page for him in the near future. He absolutely deserves it. Additionally, I recommend everyone join ClubGoon. Its a sexy place for everyone to start gooning… I would know, I’m on there most nights.

Bi-Caps has been receiving a ton of praise lately, and rightfully so:

rock hard bicapsJust thought you should know after gooning for an hour, mostly on this blog, I saw a picture of a cock and lost it. Guess I’m a sissy gooner now! It’s true, once you reach the goon you are stroking to the cocks. Thanks for helping me embrace my true desires


Hey man, just wanted to say welcome back thanks for getting me and so many others off so well and so often. I think you’ve really struck a nerve with these captions. So many guys look at porn and pretty soon they’re getting off on the cocks more than the chicks and they don’t know what the hell to do with that. You’ve give them a space to be cool with their cock lust, realize they’re not alone and embrace their emerging and/or latent bisexuality. Keep up the good work bro!


I loved your caption about milking some pre and eating it. Can you make more like that? Maybe even make us ruin into a glass and chug it. So thirsty…


First off I just wanted to say great job! I was doing NoFap for months until I stumbled upon your site. Now I’m training my cock to your pics and getting ready to invest in some panties!


On a side note, he’s also been pulling in a lot of hungry mouths. I can see why, he makes it easy to get the precum flowing:

gooning-with-bicapsIf I got on all fours would you fuck me like there is no tomorrow


I think you should have a contest to see who can give you the best bj I’d make the drive from Nebraska to enter?


I want to suck your cock for making such a great blog.



Lastly, I really like his fantasy:

What’s your own kinkiest fantasy?

At the moment, a cock convention where lots of guys get into a room and jackoff themselves and each other and basically cum wherever. Lots of porn and people crowding around the TV of the porn they like so that everyone can jack with like minded people.


Stop reading, get your sexy sissy ass over to www.bi-caps.com and start Gooning with the rest of us.

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  1. Replyfingbill1

    I would like to get in contact with other gooners It is and art I am very interested exploring with others.

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Try: https://fetlife.com/groups/107371 Or http://irc.lc/dal/clubgoon/

  2. ReplyI'm hooked

    Goofing sounds so hot I would love to get into it. Hope thee are other guys that want to try

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