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sissy cum swallowing

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Thirsty cumslut? You cum craving sissy. Today’s your lucky day. You get to eat cum and be a slut. Good whores swallow. So will you. Warm slippery cum in your mouth, slips down your throat, so yummy.

You want it on your tongue. So slippery and warm. Tasty warm cum in your mouth. Warm cum on your tongue. Feel it slide on your tongue, then swallow it all. Enjoy this sissy hypno cum. Eat your cum little faggot.

Here’s what other cum craving sissy’s are saying:

I am a cum hungry whore

Would love to find a dominant man to chat with while watching this video. HMU fellas

Good hypno program. Works on guys and girls. Willing, of course.

I eat my cum everytime I watch this!

OH im so cock starved ……….i need some men.


Sissy Cum Hypno Review:


Rating: 4/5

Type: Mild Hypno

Fetish: Cum eating, sissy hypno cum

Audio Source: Isabella Valentine’s ‘Sissy Swallow’



Why stop there sissy? ...

Comments ( 63 )

  1. Replydave

    do u need models ? i'm 7 inch love the site made me orally bi

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Mmmm, I could always use models personally. I always enjoy it when sissies send me pics ;)

      • ReplyImLovinIt

        Do you still want personal models? I would love to send you some beautiful pics!

        • TaylorReplyTaylor

          Always, send me everything and anything. Just reach out to me via: I'm eagerly awaiting you!

          • ditchpunisher

            Hi talor, you filthy fucking whore. I'm the ditch punisher. i like taking those streched out assholes and pussies,like yours and punishing them. i like being as mean as i can to those lose holes. it makes my cock throb when i make them cry or beg for me to stop. I want to own a couple of you. i need to heaar your screams and taste your poissiones blood. my cock sweels now as i text to u.

          • TaylorTaylor

            Oooh la la. Getting turned on. I'm always available via the contact form.

  2. ReplyStaci Meyers

    Mmm moaning n omg though I've been swallowing my own for years, as well as bisexual. I'm amazed how much it's like I can't get enough giggles n such desires to submit to a higher power almost like a necessity really

  3. ReplyDaniel

    Your website is amazing. I visit it everyday, always makes me cum hungry. I'm horny, craving for some hard cock to feed me. Actually, I like to swallow my own cum, but is not the same thing. :(

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Keep swallowing your own. You'll get there. Once you get the real thing, it will change your life forever.

  4. ReplySubthunder

    Where do I send the pictures and where do I get more help swallowing

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      You can use the "Talk to Me" link at the top. Get in touch with me and then send whatever slutty pictures you want.

  5. ReplyKolby

    This was my starter sissy video I watched it once thinking it was just a phase but now I watch these videos everyday waiting for the day I finally turn for good I know its my destiny

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      It is your destiny. Its great that you acknowledge it. Keep it up and you'll be a cock pleaser in no time.

  6. Replyed

    help to eat cum and email to help

  7. ReplyNice

    I want to eat my own cum but when I ejaculate it discourages me someone would have something?

  8. ReplyFuturecumeater

    I want to eat my own cum but when I ejaculate it discourages me someone would have something for help me?

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Use a shot glass or shoot it right into your mouth.

  9. Replycolcal

    I have a video editing program on my computer and I've been putting together a masterpiece for myself with CEI vids, bukkake porn, etc. But I still haven't swallowed or tasted mine yet. I plan to go to the best dominatrix in my city and have her put a funnel gag on my mouth so that when she pours the cum into my mouth there will be no way to keep from swallowing. I like the idea more and more everyday! Last thing: Does an obsession with cock and cum mean that you are gay? Anyone's thoughts on this? I mean I've had times where I start salivating if I look at a girls cum covered face. So maybe I'm a definite BI, I don't know.. (????????????)

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Cock worship and being hungry for cum doesn't mean you are gay at all, so don't worry about that. Sexuality is wide spectrum. Its perfectly normal do watch straight porn and be equally turned on by the thick veiny cock, the cum oozing everywhere, and the beautiful girl in the center of it all. You may not even be truly BI either; you simply just need cum and cocks.

      • ReplyPeggy

        Maybe your explanation is a good description of me. I think that I am straight. Men don't really turn me on at all. But a nice thick veiny cock, and the thought of cum oozing over my tongue gets my little clit in my pants all wet and dripping. I feel like I need cock and cum very badly. I need a real man to command me and make me his bitch. But I'm torn because I'm married. I don't get to have any.

        • TaylorReplyTaylor

          Go out and explore. There are plenty of opportunities out there ;)

  10. Replyjackie

    I want to so bad but its so hard to make yourself do it

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Shoot it straight in.

  11. ReplyErin

    Thanks for your video and all your comments, I watched it twice, I usually back out of eating my own cum and was going to today too, I shot it into a cup, but then I found your comments and encouragement, loved every drop in my mouth and let my tongue play with it till I swallowed. Now I crave more, I love hypnos and how they make me want to suck cock and be sissy, I visit your site as often as I can, I love to be pushed into doing more, you are probably busy, but feel free to contact me anytime and tell me what to do ;)

  12. ReplyKennek

    I really wanna try this but I am not very familiar with English, I could get only about 80% of what she says. To help me understand the video, I would like to read the whole text. Is the text found anywhere in this website?

    • ReplyKennek

      oops I wrote my comment in wrong place.. I wanted to write in Cum Eating Hypno Session

  13. ReplyT

    This video is awesome and it makes me want to save up a big load to shoot in my mouth.

  14. ReplyTotally

    I've been trying for a few weeks, after I cum I just can't get myself to eat it but I know I crave the taste and these vids turn me on so much... any suggestions to take that last step?

  15. Replykitten

    I struggle with this daily - sometimes I will eat several loads in a row and have no problem with it. Other times I get that sinking feeling and reach for tissues and get angry with myself for wanting to. I love the taste, I love the feeling, the idea of doing it is sensual and erotic, yet I still struggle with it. Is there any way to get over the edge? I masturbate 3-4 times per day and I feel as though the experience is truly completed when your load is consumed.

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Consuming your load will always cap off the experience nicely. Getting over the 'edge' is always a trick. Its different for every guy but you can working on 'edging' where you'll eventually be able to secrete and ooze cum without officially having an orgasm. You'll be able to keep eating cum without having that awkward feeling afterwards.

  16. Replycum boy

    i had a problem with ejaculating and not being able to eat my own cum so what i did was i laid on my bed with my back down, put my legs against my wall, and came directly onto my face. ever since watching this video ive swallowed my load atleast twice a day and i love it

  17. Replylilliputian

    I am masterly by day and a cum slut by night. I watch the video for inspiration. I meet up with strangers who treat me like the whores in the videos. I am truly a sissy who loves cum.

  18. ReplyFrenchSissyJessica

    Oooh good, this video is so good Mistress Taylor ! I just want to be fucked in my sissy pussy and taste a big cock, but I can't find anyone to fuck me and to suck where I am :( I want so bad to be a good sissy girl !

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Try craigslist or Fetlife. There are other sissy dating sites out there too.

  19. Replysubdub28

    I wish I could be pretty like you

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Get fit, fem your body, wear girl clothes and makeup, and then starting opening that mouth of yours.

  20. ReplyAlex

    Just came a huge load in my mouth for the first time. I played with it in there for a little bit before I swallowed that delicious hot load. I love it so much. The video is great. I've swallowed other men's cum but never mine. Now whenever I crave cum, I can just eat mine. Yuuuuummyyy!!!!

  21. Replywannabeurs

    I need to be your bitch lover forever joanne

  22. Replywannabeurs

    Kneeling loving your cum totally yours your girll forever

  23. Replybonze1966

    just went out and eat cum from one man but I want more I do want to meet a lot of guy's I do like the tast of was so good I get hard just thining about it.thank you 4 that now I do think I'm gay and I love it so muth I cant wait to have more cock's I'll eat it all up thank u so muth.........

  24. ReplyALicia

    Hello first of thank you very much for such a nice site. I had been conditioning me watching these hypno vidéos since the pase year. I wanted to taste my cum, but Always tried different things to get over the disgust i felt after cumming and couldnt go through. Tried the shot, tried a funnel, tried also eye band and head phones, nothing worked for more than 10months. I put ads to get guys to come & cum in my mouth, but each time couldnt get over it. but, yesterday, i tried something different. I put all the lights off, put the head set on with this hypno, edged n edge hard, had a large dildo up my pussy then suddenly had a ruined orgasm came, i collected the cum on my finger and directly put it in my mouth. I did it, I did it I did it,,,,,YOOHOOO! just felt another step forward for my transformation into a gurl. Thanks a million again,,,,i gonna do it again tonight, already into a slutty dress, put some candles on, and have some nice oil on my smooth body, and edging, the delicious cum is cooking in my tiny sacks and getting ready to ooze out onto my hands and then into my mouth,,,,yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy I also wanted to send you my pictures, please let me know how? again, really grateful to you a Swiss Sissy ALicia

  25. Replycumloverhopefully

    Can you help me finally swallow?

  26. ReplySissyntraining

    I'm a bit of a sissy in training. I've shot straight into my mouth and loved every second of it. But every time after i cum, the thought of being a sissy disgusts me. Any advice on how to be a full time sissy?

  27. Replyhappyat last

    Thank you I finally shot my cum in my mouth after months of feeling guilty with my cum in my last!

  28. Replyobey

    i dont know what huppend but afther waching the video i cant stop from eating my cum ,i am straight please help me to become normal again

  29. ReplySpontaneous_me

    I didn't realize how much this was working till last night when I heard the sink drip-dripping, and I got the biggest hardest erection that I've ever had. I instantly had to taste the pre cum that was already forming at the tip of my cock. Like a good little sissy I went to my room, stripped down, got in position on the floor, and... MISSED! Don't get me wrong, I licked up as much of my cum as I could, but I feel cheated when even just a drop doesn't make it into my mouth. I want to drink as many different loads of cum as I can today just to make up for it. Mmm, my ass is throbing for the want of a dick, and my mouth is salivating at the thought of a fresh load.

  30. ReplySunny

    Hi taylor. I want to eat my cum so bad but I also have a massive crush on this girl. How does that work? I'm so confused!! Also, I have come close to eating it so many times but get put off at the very last minute. So frustrating! help please?

  31. Replygayboy69

    hi i am a gay man, will this hypnosis vid work on me too or is it just for women

  32. Replyjimbo

    hey i just wanted to say that this video made me eat my own load but right after i felt sick and now when i try to eat it again it just doesn't work like i chicken out so is there any way for me to eat my cum again?

  33. ReplybitchNheat

    I absolutely love eating cum! From mine to other men, straight from cock in my ads or mouth & from a freshly fucked prissy. It's a bit of a challenge to find it on a regular basis for me though(I'm a big guy & many find me intimidating) ... so I mostly just get to eat my own. I wish I could find a woman like you that would help find more clock to use my ass & mouth as well as hers.

  34. Replyshellyinheels

    This worked wonders for me, I have no problem playing and swallowing my own cum, or taking it from my wife pussy after I cum in her. Thank you so much!!

  35. Replymycumeater45

    oh just dropped couple of drops on floor while watching.... I'm licking them at the moment (slurp,slurp) so yummy mistress I'm lucky to eat my own cum.

  36. Replyltealsissyboi

    OMG This made me so hot for cum

  37. ReplyCyrus

    I love eating cum!

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Don't we all ;)

  38. Replycaleb

    Send me a pic of you cumming

  39. Replycaleb

    I won't to eat cum for first time anybody want to help

  40. ReplyRaisedonmanmilk

    I was trained to be a good little sissy and I never say no to a gift of cum. I am greatful for every yummy drop. Man or beast I love it nonstop. This little sissy boys mouth is always open. So bring your best friend and you borh can fill my mouth with load after yummy in my tummy cum.

  41. ReplyToastiewill

    I cant seem to do it, i want eat my cum but i cant get myself to do it, taylor please help me

  42. ReplyToastiewill

    I need your help taylor :(

  43. ReplyPat

    I would like to see a video with sissy men in panties sucking big dicks and eating cum.

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