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Thirsty cumslut? You cum craving sissy. Today’s your lucky day. You get to eat cum and be a slut. Good whores swallow. So will you. Warm slippery cum in your mouth, slips down your throat, so yummy.

You want it on your tongue. So slippery and warm. Tasty warm cum in your mouth. Warm cum on your tongue. Feel it slide on your tongue, then swallow it all. Enjoy this sissy hypno cum. Eat your cum little faggot.

Here’s what other cum craving sissy’s are saying:

I am a cum hungry whore

Would love to find a dominant man to chat with while watching this video. HMU fellas

Good hypno program. Works on guys and girls. Willing, of course.

I eat my cum everytime I watch this!

OH im so cock starved ……….i need some men.


Sissy Cum Hypno Review:


Rating: 4/5

Type: Mild Hypno

Fetish: Cum eating, sissy hypno cum

Audio Source: Isabella Valentine’s ‘Sissy Swallow’



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Comments ( 20 )

  1. Replydave

    do u need models ? i'm 7 inch love the site made me orally bi

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Mmmm, I could always use models personally. I always enjoy it when sissies send me pics ;)

      • ReplyImLovinIt

        Do you still want personal models? I would love to send you some beautiful pics!

        • TaylorReplyTaylor

          Always, send me everything and anything. Just reach out to me via: I'm eagerly awaiting you!

  2. ReplyStaci Meyers

    Mmm moaning n omg though I've been swallowing my own for years, as well as bisexual. I'm amazed how much it's like I can't get enough giggles n such desires to submit to a higher power almost like a necessity really

  3. ReplyDaniel

    Your website is amazing. I visit it everyday, always makes me cum hungry. I'm horny, craving for some hard cock to feed me. Actually, I like to swallow my own cum, but is not the same thing. :(

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Keep swallowing your own. You'll get there. Once you get the real thing, it will change your life forever.

  4. ReplySubthunder

    Where do I send the pictures and where do I get more help swallowing

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      You can use the "Talk to Me" link at the top. Get in touch with me and then send whatever slutty pictures you want.

  5. ReplyKolby

    This was my starter sissy video I watched it once thinking it was just a phase but now I watch these videos everyday waiting for the day I finally turn for good I know its my destiny

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      It is your destiny. Its great that you acknowledge it. Keep it up and you'll be a cock pleaser in no time.

  6. Replyed

    help to eat cum and email to help

  7. ReplyNice

    I want to eat my own cum but when I ejaculate it discourages me someone would have something?

  8. ReplyFuturecumeater

    I want to eat my own cum but when I ejaculate it discourages me someone would have something for help me?

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Use a shot glass or shoot it right into your mouth.

  9. Replycolcal

    I have a video editing program on my computer and I've been putting together a masterpiece for myself with CEI vids, bukkake porn, etc. But I still haven't swallowed or tasted mine yet. I plan to go to the best dominatrix in my city and have her put a funnel gag on my mouth so that when she pours the cum into my mouth there will be no way to keep from swallowing. I like the idea more and more everyday! Last thing: Does an obsession with cock and cum mean that you are gay? Anyone's thoughts on this? I mean I've had times where I start salivating if I look at a girls cum covered face. So maybe I'm a definite BI, I don't know.. (????????????)

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Cock worship and being hungry for cum doesn't mean you are gay at all, so don't worry about that. Sexuality is wide spectrum. Its perfectly normal do watch straight porn and be equally turned on by the thick veiny cock, the cum oozing everywhere, and the beautiful girl in the center of it all. You may not even be truly BI either; you simply just need cum and cocks.

  10. Replyjackie

    I want to so bad but its so hard to make yourself do it

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Shoot it straight in.

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