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Sissy Dreams 3

You sissy slut. You want to be a women. pretty. I think that’s what you really want. Mmm cock. Suck it for me bitch. Open your mouth. You want to be a girl. You need it, you sissy slut.  Cock worshipping bitch. You love sucking cock. Big cock, so big, so huge and you love […]

Traptastic Fantasies Part Two – Dirty Cocksucker

Let’s see how far down you can go. We understand that you like women. But have you ever considered that might want to be a women. Pretty. Sensitive. I think that’s what you really want. Wait are you touching yourself? Just look at us. Don’t you want to feel what it feels like to have […]

Sissy Cuckold Transformation

It started out as a little bit of fun. You told her you liked to be dominated. At first it was almost a joke. She would pin you down, lower your pussy to your mouth and forced you to serve. It escalated slowly at first. But intercourse became less and less common. Then one day […]

Your Wife is Going Out Tonight

Your wife is going out tonight. Your wife is going out to fuck other men. Your wife wants this and you are going to let her. She is getting ready to fuck someone else. You are going to let her. You want to let her. Convince her. You are going to let your wife fuck […]

Come to Daddy

You used to watch porn for the pussy; slutty women, getting fucked. By cocks, big cocks! You wanted to fuck her but things have changed, haven’t they? Seeing those cocks, fucking her. You want to be her. Most men want to fuck her, but you want to be her! Right sissy? You started to watch […]

Black Cock Addiction – Classical Conditioning

Its time to face the truth. you can’t stop thinking about it. you cant get off without it. Accept it. You have an addiction. A black cock addiction, it wasn’t your intention. You were brainwashed by pornography. You seek out the largest cocks, that’s why you search: “big black cock”. There’s something you don’t realize. […]

Dana’s New Life – Hypnosis For Good Girls

I want you to go ahead and slide on a pair of very constrictive pantyhose. I want you to slide them on without putting on any panties. Like oh my god, you are a natural cocksucker. Were you a cock sucker in a past life? You are burning for cock. Whenever I say the word […]

Dreamscape – Sissy Hypnosis Porn

You will be driven by audio visual hypnography to crave the taste of hard cock. It will be an overwhelming compulsion. You have been warned. I have really big boobs but I don’t even need to show them to you to seduce you. You’ll be so turned on. Your cock is so hard. You’ll do […]

Cum Eating Hypno Session

You can’t help yourself. You’re addicted to your cum. You can’t help but stare. Ass you gaze at my breasts, you feel so aroused and excited. Looking at my breasts makes you feel totally helpless and obedient. You simply can’t look away, can you?  You really want to go through with this, you’ve had fantasies […]

Coco Hypno Trance

Ready for pleasure, let’s go and enjoy. Follow commands. Prepare a deep breath. Breathe in slowly. Breath in and relax. Stare at the erotic video full of sexy sissies. you’re getting more and more charmed. Obey the commands. Just listen to the erotic sound. The atmosphere is arousing. You’re getting more and more teased. Feel […]