Jerk Off Mind Control

joi mind control

Listen and obey and relax… and you will obey. From now on, you will constantly think about stroking your cock. These thoughts are always with you. You will keep thinking about touching your own cock wherever you are. Work, home, public. You will discover yourself becoming sexually aroused when you think about jerking your cock. You will get hard just thinking about being directed to stroke over, and over, and over again. Your mind will drift over thoughts of stroking your hard cock. You will crave it. Its not a choice. You will have to jerk off off, your arousal will be too strong for you to resist.

erotic hypnosis joi

You find yourself getting more and more aroused. More sexually excited at the idea of having no control over your arousal. You can’t stop yourself form putting your hard cock in your hands and working it for hours. When the excitement builds, you will need to stroke your cock.

What other JOI gooners are saying about Jerk off Mind Control:

joi hypnothis video is amazing… so well done, good work ;) I am addict

addicted to jacking and porn of all types; this is soooo fucking hot!

I’m a jack off slave now !!!!! I do love jacking off!!!!

I exist to stroke and edge my cock while real men fuck…


Taylor’s Jerk Off Mind Control Review:

jerk off mind control

Rating: 3/5

Type: JOI Hypno

Author: Unknown

Taylor’s Thoughts: A great little piece of conventional hypnosis training. With prolonged use, serious effects can be had…but this is probably perfectly acceptable as we know your penis shouldn’t be going any real pussy. That’s reserved for real men, so you better just sit back and keep stroking like a good gooner.

Why stop there sissy? ...

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  1. ReplyWayaway

    So good. Just jerking forever in bliss. The perfect life x

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Keep it up. Keep jerking that cock.

  2. ReplyWayaway

    Who is this, I need more! Xox

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Don't worry about that, just keep stroking that cock.

  3. ReplyWayaway

    No worry there! I'm pumping my hand with my hard cock over and over and over x

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Don't stop. Never stop.

  4. ReplyNjkid

    Interesting video. Where will you take us next?

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Where do you want to go? ;)

  5. Replyoss.oss

    Wow... third time in row jerking off i cannot help myself from jerking off...

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Let it take you over. You just, can't, stop.

  6. Replyjamie

    I Love being a stroker

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Keep it up.

      • ReplyNeverStroker

        I found this video 1 hour ago. i haven't been able to stop stroking my incredibly hard dick since! Not cumming.

        • TaylorReplyTaylor


  7. ReplyNjkid

    Taylor, Hope all is well. In answer to your question above: How about a follow on video?

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      New videos coming!

  8. ReplyWayaway

    Thank you so much for this. It has really taken hold and I jerk over and over and over watching hard cock pump into sweet, soft holes as I work my cock in bliss without release xox

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Let it wash over you as you trance out. Let it melt your brain.

  9. ReplyK

    is there a download for this??

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Certain apps will allow you to download the flash video.

  10. Replyidkwhatimdoinghere


    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Did it hit you hard?

  11. Replyidkwhatimdoinghere

    yes.. i keepcoming back to your site hah

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Don't fight it.

  12. ReplyK

    unfortunately i cant view the video at all, and was hoping that it could be viewed somewhere else

  13. Replyidkwhatimdoinghere

    not used 2 seeing stuff like thisss lolll goshh

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      But do you like what you see?

      • ReplyNo way 2 stop

        I do!!!

  14. Replyidkwhatimdoinghere

    still trying to figure that out lolll

  15. Replygret

    Amazing! I stumbled across this earlier today. I've watched it five times and have been stroking most of the day. It feels so good. I only wish the video could continue. I think I'm becoming a helpless stock addict. It truly is so easy.

  16. ReplyDave

    OMG. This website is amazing. Since I have found this website and watched this video I can not think of anything else but jerk off my cock. Every night I come here and stroke my cock for hours sometimes in the morning too. I am addicted..

  17. Replyjunior

    I recall a video just like this that said the viewer could not have pussy, only feet and assholes from women. I thought it was from this video but I don't see it in there. It made me think the video has been edited since I saw that, but I could be wrong. Do you know anything about this or if there is another video somewhere?

  18. Replyenjoy lyfe

    I love this whole site!!!

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      That's great to hear. I hope it takes you places.

  19. ReplyAddicted to Taylor

    First time I tried and I came but from next time I wont and I feel like stroking again by watching the video and not to cum. I'll be your stroke addict mistress <3

  20. ReplyHaydenLawless123

    Must rub never cum must obey never cum always rub never cum

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Now you're getting it.

      • ReplyNo way 2 stop

        And it feels sooooo good to be a addicted stroker

  21. ReplyHaydenLawless123

    I love jerking as real men pump there hard cocks into soft pussy and I love to be your sissy slave

  22. ReplyNo way 2 stop

    This has taken over my life like I never could have imagined!!! I would leave my family just to keep watching this video!! This is my life now! Wow

  23. Replyjimoakey

    Please many more like this, sequels, many sequels, please.

  24. Replyandy

    this is so hot ! i cant stop ... should i continue ?

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Ofcourse. You have to keep going. Don't stop.

  25. ReplyRelease Me

    Wow !! I love this video however I'm now finding myself avoiding sex with the GF as I'd rather masturbate

    • TaylorReplyTaylor

      Thats perfectly acceptable. She can't please you as well as you can please yourself.

  26. ReplyHypnoAddict

    I love these hypno vids, espcially the ones that implant triggers in your mind. Please post more. I love being a hypno slut and unable to resist stroking my hard cock.

  27. ReplyMatt

    Every night I want to watch this video. I am no longer trying to get laid.

  28. ReplyRelease Me

    You really understand things Taylor you're a legend ! Thanks for your advice x

  29. ReplyMatt

    This video is so good! Stroking has never felt this good. The urges to stroke are coming more and more often.

  30. Replycindyjones313t

    Mmm omg girl. Lately its like i find desires to be more controlled n turned on at the thought of being my good girl self. Even seeinghot fashions,gets my senses on total turn on. Its crazy n cant help butbe totally turned on by it all. Complient n loving what hypnos are doing. To a point of thinking of quittinh my job which i make really good money at to be an escort or submissive slave.

  31. ReplyMatt

    I watch the video as often and stroke whenever I can. Is it common to take longer to get hard? Sometimes I am stroking but my cock is soft.

  32. Replysilkynylonslip

    After listening to your voice many times I am now addicted to stroking my cock. My cock is now always on my mind. I just can't wait to the next time I can stroke it. I take every opportunity, sometimes risky, but I HAVE to stroke it. My cock is taking over my life and there is no way I can stop it. The more I stroke the more I want and need to. I just never knew just how much incredible pleasure I would get from my cock by NOT cumming. I am so much in love with my cock.

  33. Replyany

    Am I supposed to cum or always stop just before cumming?

  34. robjohnsReplyrob

    I try not to come in here but I cant stop watching this video - I think about it non-stop. rob

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