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Gay Conditioning – Cock Sucking

Crave this load of sperm in your mouth. It is inevitable and that’s good. You want it. You really want his cum in your mouth. Swallow the sweet man nectar down your throat and accept it. Maybe he wants his cum on your face instead. He can decide to pull out and cum on you. […]

Sissy Dreams 3

You sissy slut. You want to be a women. pretty. I think that’s what you really want. Mmm cock. Suck it for me bitch. Open your mouth. You want to be a girl. You need it, you sissy slut.  Cock worshipping bitch. You love sucking cock. Big cock, so big, so huge and you love […]

Traptastic Fantasies Part Two – Dirty Cocksucker

Let’s see how far down you can go. We understand that you like women. But have you ever considered that might want to be a women. Pretty. Sensitive. I think that’s what you really want. Wait are you touching yourself? Just look at us. Don’t you want to feel what it feels like to have […]

Goonluver’s “Gay Hypnosis”

You can’t stop thinking about sex with guys. Imagining their cocks. Picturing them naked. You keep getting sexual ideas about the hot guys you see. How their cocks would feel in your hand. How they would taste, and you will always have these types of sexual thoughts about any rugged good looking man you see. […]

Goonluver’s “I need to be fucked”

You need to be fucked by a man. You need to be fucked like a woman. Be a girl.  Obey. Whore. Obey. You must obey. You’re being hypnotized. You need to be fucked like a woman. A man needs to forcefully fuck you. You need to be fucked…you need to be fucked. Just say, “I need to […]

Miss Stake’s Gay Sissy Trainer – It’s Time

Its time to make it real. welcome back sissies. I love, I love how you come back again and again. You’re addicted. I want you to come back every day and listen to this again and again. Let’s rewire that brain, let’s go deep. Mmmm women, you lust for women. Their titties, their bodies, their […]

Brainwashed to Worship Pussies

Just because you love cocks, doesn’t mean you can’t worship a pussy as well. You will learn your place; worshipping pussies. You will become addicted to pleasing sloppy pussies. Get on your knees. you will taste their holes; just bury your face. Eat it. You will become addicted to the taste. you belong here. you […]

Sissy Cuckold Transformation

It started out as a little bit of fun. You told her you liked to be dominated. At first it was almost a joke. She would pin you down, lower your pussy to your mouth and forced you to serve. It escalated slowly at first. But intercourse became less and less common. Then one day […]

Your Wife is Going Out Tonight

Your wife is going out tonight. Your wife is going out to fuck other men. Your wife wants this and you are going to let her. She is getting ready to fuck someone else. You are going to let her. You want to let her. Convince her. You are going to let your wife fuck […]

Jerk Off Mind Control

Listen and obey and relax… and you will obey. From now on, you will constantly think about stroking your cock. These thoughts are always with you. You will keep thinking about touching your own cock wherever you are. Work, home, public. You will discover yourself becoming sexually aroused when you think about jerking your cock. You […]